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Trading The Euro WIth The Commitment Of Traders Report

Presented by: Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry

This is a recording of the presentation delivered by Kevin Barry at the World Money Show in London on 10th November 2013. In this presentation, Kevin discusses how he uses the Commitment Of Traders report as part of his arsenal for trading the FX market. He demonstrates why he thinks that the COT Report is currently signalling a medium to long term decline in the EURUSD.

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Traders Forum III

Saturday, October 5, 2013 - 09:00 - 18:00

As we are all too well aware, there is a dearth of events for the more educated trader where we have the opportunity to network with our peers, learn from each other, pick up new trading techniques and enjoy a little social banter. Therefore, I am delighted to invite you to the third Traders Forum, which will be taking place on Saturday, 5th October.

This special full-day event will be held at The Hatton, a stylish Art Deco conference centre located in the heart of London's Diamond District. The Hatton is a few minutes walk from Farringdon and Chancery Lane underground stations and there are three car parks close by.

The Traders Forum will kick off at 9.00 with light refreshments followed by a full day of presentations, rubbing shoulders with market professionals in person and, most importantly, plenty of time to network with your fellow traders and investors in our exclusive lounge area. You are welcome to arrive a little earlier if you would like to join us for breakfast.

At the end of an informative and stimulating day, The Hatton will be laying on an informal reception for us at which we shall enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine or two.

Two Classic Charting Techniques Warn Of A Stock Market Top

Can a charting technique developed by Dr. Alan Andrews over fifty years ago, combined with classic Fibonacci levels, pinpoint an imminent S&P500 top?

On the attached weekly chart of the S&P500 index, we have plotted an Andrews Pitchfork, together with Fibonacci Retracement and Projection levels.

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The Fiscal Cliff For Local People

Are you having difficulty getting to grips with the large number of zeroes involved with The Fiscal Cliff?

No problem. Here it is explained in terms that we can all understand.

Do You Know How Banking Really Works?

Most university economics courses still teach a model of banking that hasn’t applied to the real world for decades. Unfortunately, this means that the people who run our economy, most economists and practically all politicians, make decisions that deeply affect our lives based upon abject ignorance of what money is and how it is created.

Our friends over at Positive Money have produced a video course in six parts that will open your eyes to how our banking system really works.

Part 1: Misconceptions Around Banking

Part 2: What's Wrong With The Money Multiplier?

Part 3: How Money Is Actually Created By The Banks

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