Trading The Euro WIth The Commitment Of Traders Report

World Money Show
This is a recording of the presentation delivered by Kevin Barry at the World Money Show in London on 10th November 2013. In this presentation, Kevin discusses how he uses the Commitment Of Traders report as part of his arsenal for trading the FX market. He demonstrates why he thinks that the COT Report is currently signalling a medium to long term decline in the EURUSD.

A link to the slideset is below.

Please excuse the poor audio quality of the presentation.

Commitment Of Traders Report
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Most university economics courses still teach a model of banking that hasn’t applied to the real world for decades. Unfortunately, this means that the people who run our economy, most economists and practically all politicians, make decisions that deeply affect our lives based upon abject ignorance of what money is and how it is created.

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Is It Really Possible To Outperform The Stock Market?

World Money Show
Warren Buffet has said that a rising tide lifts all boats. This apparently innocent remark provides us with a clue to one of the most successful yet most underutilised trading strategies of all time, namely Sector Rotation using External Relative Strength Analysis.


This presentation was originally delivered by Kevin Barry of the Traders & Investors Club at the World Money Show in London in November 2012.


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