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Is It Really Possible To Outperform The Stock Market?

Presented by: Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry

Warren Buffet has said that a rising tide lifts all boats. This apparently innocent remark provides us with a clue to one of the most successful yet most underutilised trading strategies of all time, namely Sector Rotation using External Relative Strength Analysis.

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Today's Economic Crisis - An Emerging Markets Perspective

Presented by: Martin Hatt

As an introduction to his main presentation on his weekly FX trading strategy, Martin Hatt of the Traders & Investors Club gives us an extremely interesting analysis of today's economic crisis from the perspective of the Latin American crisis of the 1980s.

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Trading FX On Strength - A Weekly Strategy

Presented by: Martin Hatt

Are you looking for a FX strategy that you can trade with a time investment of just a couple of hours a week? If so, then you will not want to miss this presentation where Martin Hatt of the Traders & Investors Club describes how he trades the six major currencies on daily and weekly charts using a simple strategy executed on Sunday evening.

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Market Roundup - 17th July 2012

Presented by: Kevin Barry
Kevin Barry

WIth the BofE base rate at its lowest for 300 years and the printing presses already having created the equivalent of £12,000 in new money for every UK household, it is clear that we are still mired in a Keynesian liquidity trap. Kevin Barry of the Traders & Investors Club will be explaining why he is becoming ever more heavily invested in bonds...............on the short side.

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Trading The Fundamentals With Instructus

Presented by: Giles Johnston & Mat Belton

Instructus Trading was founded by four City of London trading professionals with sixty-five years of collective experience working for some of the world's leading banks. As well as trading their own accounts, the Instructus team is on a mission to bring professional-standard financial education to both new and experienced investors. In this presentation, Giles and Mat of Instructus Trading discuss how professional traders concentrate on managing risk in order to generate consistent returns

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