Dr. David Paul - The Three Pillars Of Trading Success

Dr. David Paul of WhichWayToday explains in lucid terms why the majority of traders are destined to fail in the market. The good news is that you don't have to be one of them. Dr. Paul describes how to formulate a strategy with a positive expectancy; what it is and how to measure it. He shares several proven strategies that you could use to generate consistent profits in the market if and when you adopt the correct trader's mindset.

Since 1993, Dr. Paul has researched every possible method for consistently taking profits from actively traded markets. He has distilled a novel approach to trading, which is a composite of everything that he has been taught and discovered over the last 18 years. Dr.

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Dr. David Paul
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Market Roundup - 21st June 2011

Kevin Barry of the Traders & Investors Club explains why he remains bearish on both the stock market and the commodities sector. He is holding his copper and gold short positions and reveals why he is unfashionably long the US Dollar. Kevin also discusses how to hedge US Dollar denominated assets and illustrates how live cattle prices are poised for a significant advance in tandem with increasing sunspot activity.

The gold rally in early June failed to make a new high and silver and copper are also displaying signs of technical weakness along with most of the commodity sectors.

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High Probability High Reward-To-Risk Breakout Trading With The Market Sniper

Francis Hunt, a.k.a. The Market Sniper, is a passionate Trader of the Markets. He specialises in high-probability, high reward-to-risk, breakout trading. He is one of six Expert Chartists broadcasting on Cantos Charts, a regular Technical Analysis program which is avidly followed by thousands of investors.

Francis is first and foremost a technical trader who draws upon his childhood experiences in the South African bush enabling  him to wait patiently for the high-probability trades to come to him. He believes that most people focus far too much on marginal trades.

The Market Sniper
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Francis Hunt - The Market Sniper
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Cable And The Trading Edge Strategy

Anthony Showman, a longtime member of the Traders & Investors Club, is an Optometrist who owns and manages several Specsavers stores as well as leading a double life as an active trader. He has been studying the markets for over twenty years and has attended many trading seminars during his time, some very good, some very poor.

Anthony now trades solely FX; mainly GBPUSD using the Traded Edge Strategy (TESS).

This evening, Anthony will be taking us through one of his intraday strategies, using the TESS software, which he will be demonstrating live in the market.

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Anthony Showman
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Holding The Front Line With A Professional Trader

Paul Wallace of Trading Beliefs is an ex-RAF Battle Manager who started trading during the halcyon Dot-Com days and has since traded both on behalf of professional funds as well as on his own account. He is currently a prop trader with Kaizen Wealth Management and also runs a performance-support practice for traders.

This evening, Paul will be taking us through his journey from the Military through becoming an ex-corporate guy to being a full-time trader and coach.

He will be sharing with us his past trading approaches and comparing them to the way he trades today.

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Paul Wallace
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